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    Sell your car to SM Autos and remove the hassle of selling privately, it’s easy.

    • Simply the best prices – Car buying sites regularly give one price online, then another on arrival, send your car on to auction and take their cut. Remove the middle man and sell your car for more.
    • No quibble – provided the description is accurate, we will not try and argue the price offered unlike many ‘traders’ who have been the successful bidder on sites such as Motorway and Carwow.
    • No hidden seller fees – For comparison, many car buying sites charge an admin and payment option fee, we do not which means more money for you.
    • Simple, hassle free process – Supply your vehicle details, agree your figure and we will collect on a day that suits you.
    • Fast, free payment – Direct to your chosen account.
    • 7 day valuation price guarantee – Giving you additional time to make any necessary arrangements.
    • Finance settled – All we need is a confirmed settlement figure from your finance company.
    • If you have a private number plate – We can assist you with the process to remove from your car and ensure it stays in your ownership.
    • Personal service – Rather than dealing with a corporate giant.
    • Specialist buyers for all makes and models.

    For a no obligation quote, please complete the form below and we will get back to you same working day, often within less than an hour. You are also welcome to email or call us to discuss your car valuation on 01243717474.

    Or let us SELL your car for you:

    We regularly undertake to sell cars for customers, not only saving time and effort but also taking away the numerous associated hassles and worries of selling privately. The vehicle is fully insured with us and kept off road so you can cancel your insurance and receive a road tax rebate pending sale. Perhaps more importantly you have the benefit of being able to sell your car utilising our advertising, payment, finance options and garage facilities. If you would like to know more then please call or email.

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